Last winter I took a trip to England to see a friend and on my trip I experienced Halloumi Cheese. Guys, it was delicious! If you have had halloumi you know what I am talking about, if you haven’t tried it, you need to. Living in the states I had never heard of halloumi and was curious as to what it even was. My friend insisted that we try some before we leave England and so it begins.

One day while traveling the streets of Cambridge and taking in the sights, we were getting hungry. Everyone knows a hungry body is an angry body #hangry am I right? So we traversed over to an outside market to find something to munch on before dinner, and we came across a halloumi stand. I was nervous, as I am every time I try something new, yet excited to experience new to me.

We go up to the stand and I order fried halloumi, as was suggested by my friend. I order it with all the works, I was going to try it to its fullest. This one came with pomegranate seeds, sriracha, and some white sauce that escapes me now. I can tell you that I remember the taste like I had eaten some yesterday. When I try something new, I always close my eyes, it helps me focus on the flavors I am tasting. I took a halloumi fry and closed my eyes and took a bite, the flavors of spicy, yet cool, and fruity, but salty all melted inside my mouth, and I was in love. I just couldn’t get enough of this little snack, and I am also huge on texture and whoever fried this halloumi did an excellent job getting a nice crispy outside layer to complements the squishiness of the cheese.

If you guys ever have a chance to try fried halloumi, wherever you are, I urge you to try it. It was one of the best culinary experiences I had while in England, and a culinary experience is one of the best experiences to have. If you all have any suggestions on where to get halloumi, leave a comment! I would love to see where people get their halloumi fix around the world.


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