Parsnipity; Being Picky About Parsnips

Yes, I do realize parsnipity is not a real word, but I figured if Dr. Seuss can make up words, so can I! For this year I am trying a new fruit or vegetable every month, I asked around for some ingredients I should try and parsnips were the winner for this month! I have never touched a parsnip before and have only had it in the bag of veggie chips that I find at Costco, which are insanely delicious by the way! I thought before I dig into trying to cook these babies, I would do some research about them, so here I am about to delve out some parsnip information.

Parsnips are a root vegetable often mistaken as a pale carrot, if you know what a parsnip looks like then you can agree with this assumption. It is native to parts of Europe and Asia and, I have read that, it posses a sweet nutty flavor. Upon more research I found that parsnips were very popular in North America when it was introduced in the 17th century and stayed that way until the potato came along! I mean, not much can beat a potato, so I understand why the parsnip has lost its popularity.

Now, here we are trying to mix things up a bit so we aren’t eating the same thing night after night. A new fad is mashed cauliflower, which I do not find appetizing at all, but to each their own! What I plan to do is substitute the overlooked parsnip into potato and carrot recipes. I’ll roast them, mash them, make them into soups, pan fry them, boil them, and puree them! If you have never tried parsnips, join my journey and dive into the underrated parsnip!


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