Holidays in the South

The reason I have not posted anything recently is because I have been on vacation!! Currently I am living on the East Coast, but we have family in the south (Tennessee/Kentucky and Texas) and took a little visit before Christmas to see them.

We started in Tennessee to see my little brother and flew into Nashville. First we headed for breakfast because I was starving (but what’s new, I seem to always be hungry). Our first stop was Red Bicycle Coffee. We hit the Woodbine location and dug into some tasty crepes, coffee, and tea.


From left to right, top to bottom is: Nutella crepe, Mexi crepe, Maple Bacon crepe, and Banana Peanut crepe. First the Nutella crepe, it was good, it tasted like a basic crepe with Nutella. The Mexi crepe, my crepe, was really good. It tasted a lot like an enchilada and was a very filling breakfast containing eggs, mozzarella, chorizo, salsa, and sour cream. I was not able to finish this crepe because it was so hearty and fulfilling. To the Maple Bacon crepe! This one was very interesting with its filling being bacon, apples, cheddar cheese, and maple syrup. This one hit all the taste buds: sweet, salty, sour, creamy, crunchy and all around tasty! Last is the Banana Peanut crepe, this was yet another good crepe. This one also hit a lot of taste buds: sweet, salty, crunchy, and creamy. This one contained peanut butter, bananas, honey, and granola. I really liked my crepe the best, but the maple bacon crepe was definitely very inventive and yummy.

Overall Red Bicycle Coffee gets a thumbs up. They had a variety of choices in crepes as well as coffee and other non coffee drinks. I got a regular latte (my favorite drink), my dad got the special caramel apple chai tea, and my little brother got the Butterbeer (white chocolate, caramel, vanilla) latte. Their coffee was really good and their foam was on point, I thoroughly enjoyed their latte. My dad’s chai tea was a perfect amount of sweet and delicious. Whereas my brother’s latte, was too sweet for me and did not really taste like coffee, but that is what he enjoys and he liked it a lot. The flavor was good, but if you are a serious coffee drinker I would stick with the their regular coffee drinks with a pump of flavor for added pizzazz.

As a side note I was a little disappointed in their costumer service. When my father asked what they were known for and what was good the lady helping us was not very helpful, and when we were ready to order it seemed like she was ignoring us while she made a cup of coffee and talked, to what seemed, like a friend for a fairly long time before getting to us. She never reassured us that she would be with us in a minute and seemed unconcerned with us. I just didn’t feel very welcomed, but hopefully she was just having a bad day and was more attentive to the rest of the customers.

Another interesting spot we ate at in Nashville was Martin’s Bar-B-Que Joint. We arrived at the down town location hungry and ready to eat. As we walked in we were greeted by a very friendly hostess who showed us the ropes. We asked her what was good, and what was her favorite; she, energetically, navigated the menu for us and endured my father’s jokes with a smile on her face. When we ordered, sat at a table (this place was open seating), and ordered our food she happily came over with a platter of dipping sauces (which were all really good)


img_20181203_1155118271      img_20181203_1155024491

My dad, brother, and husband shared 4 lbs. of wet ribs and three sides: mac and cheese, baked beans, and cornbread. I ordered brisket tacos with potato salad and hsuhpuppies (for those of you who might not know what hushpuppies are, they are basically fried cornbread balls). I tried some of the ribs and they had excellent flavor very smoky, I liked it better with more sauce, and they weren’t as tender as I like, but still good. The cornbread was good not too sweet, and I did not get to try the other sides because the men were hungry!

My tacos were excellent along with my sides! I tried my tacos with all the sauces they had, here’s a link to their sauces Martin’s sauces. They have a total of 5 sauces: Alabama White (mayonnaise based), Sweet Dixie (tomato based), Jack’s Creek (vinegar based), Devil’s Nectar (super spicy), and Palmetto Gold (mustard based). I prefer sweet tomato based b-b-q sauces so my favorite was the Sweet Dixie, I could just not get enough. The Palmetto Gold was my second favorite on the brisket and I really enjoyed the Alabama White as well. The Devil’s Nectar was really spicy, and I like a good spice, and the Jack’s Creek was a good old basic bar-b-q sauce.

Overall I cannot complain about Martin’s Bar B Que Joint, food was good, service was great and friendly. This place is just how I would picture a good old southern joint to be. It was really relaxed and I thoroughly enjoyed my experience there!

The next day we went to Bowling Green, Kentucky to visit the National Corvette Museum. After the visit to the extraordinary museum we were hungry and my husband has knack for picking out good places to eat. We wandered right into White Squirrel Brewery, and good thing we did!


Oddly enough I don’t remember what my family ordered, but I do remember what my husband and I ordered. I got the hot jam burger with kale chips and my husband ordered the chorizo burger with fries. Both burgers were good, but I enjoyed mine the best.

Mine was topped with homemade strawberry jam, jalapenos, and a goat cheese blend. This was the perfect blend of spicy, sweet, sour, and creamy. All their burgers are served in between an english muffin, which I thought was very fun and interesting. The fries were delicious nice and crisp plus full of flavor. I ordered the kale chips because the waitress, who was so charismatic, convinced me to try something new. I definitely do not regret it! They were so light and crisp and almost evaporated in my mouth as soon as they entered, plus they served it with a sriracha mayonnaise dipping sauce that totally took the kale chips to the next level.

This was probably my favorite place to eat on my vacation, the food was very next level and interesting. The service was welcoming, friendly, and relaxed. The atmosphere was laid back, clean, and homie (I sat on a booth with some throw pillows). If you are in or around Bowling Green, Kentucky I definitely recommend eating at the White Squirrel Brewery! Plus if you are a beer drinker they brew all their own beers!

If y’all have any suggestions of where to eat in the south next time I visit please, please, please, comment below! I would love to read your suggestions and hopefully someday visit them!!

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