The Journey Begins!

Hello folks, this is the start of my food blogging journey, and I am excited to get started. I love food and everything that it entails, from the preparing, to the cooking, and, most importantly, indulging in the many flavors food has to offer. I wouldn’t consider myself as an expert in all things food, but a food enthusiast.  I want to share my love of food with everyone, and help people discover the wonderful enjoyment and pride one can receive from cooking.

Although my blogging journey begins here, my love of food started when I was child. Some of my fondest memories in my childhood are sitting in front of the T.V., with my older brother, and watching Food Network for hours, then trying to recreate these recipes at home. As for favorite holidays, mine was always Thanksgiving because it was a time when friends and family gathered around the table and enjoyed a large meal (plus the bonus of eating all day!).

Today I embark on sharing my ideas, thoughts, and creations I have made while cooking, and hope y’all enjoy cooking as much as I have and still do.


“The greatest adventure is what lies ahead” J.R.R. Tolkien


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